Why Learn German?

"Imagine if someone told you that you could take one step that would enable you to travel more freely, get paid more, read some of the world’s best literature, perform better in school, increase your focus, and enhance your understanding of other cultures. Such claims seem almost too good to be true. The fortunate news is that second-language learning is the one step that learners can take that will lead to these and other benefits."

For more information about the benefits of learning a second language, in particular German, for your brain, performance in school, personal life, intercultural understanding, future career and bank account, see the following documents and video.

Most importantly, learning German is fun, even more fun with friends! Also see the page Top Reasons to Learn German.

Benefits of Second Language Learning

Why German Language Proficiency is Important for Canadians

Learning German in Alberta

Video about 3-Year Language and Culture Programs, such as German

Video about the Benefits of Learning German

Learning a Language in High School














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