Frequently Asked Questions

Who can learn another language?

Anyone can learn another language. The more languages you learn, the easier it becomes.

Is German easy to learn?

German is relatively similar to English, which helps students learn it faster.

Can I learn German even if I have no background?

German 10 is designed for students with no background in German.

What if I have a background in German, e.g., the German bilingual program?

Students that have learned German up to Grade 6 are typically placed in German 20 and receive retroactive credit for German 10. Students are successful, despite not having learned German for three years.

What do we do in German class?

Besides learning the language, largely through music and games, we experience the culture, in particular food (see the photo gallery below).

Where can I go with German?

Besides Germany (where we travel with the German exchange), German is an official language in Austria, Switzerland.

Why should I learn German?

For all of the benefits of learning German for your brain, performance in school, personal life, intercultural understanding, future career and bank account, see the pages Why Learn German and Top Reasons to Learn German. Most importantly, German is fun, even more fun with friends.

How much German will I learn?

After German 30, students often receive a certificate from the German government at the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Which variety of German will I learn?

We learn standard German (sometimes referred to as High German), understood everywhere in the German-speaking countries.

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